SWF Decompiler

The only decompiling tool with Flash CS 6
(with TLF texts), Flex and AS 3.0 support!

SWF Decompiler by Eltima Software allows you to:
  • Edit images, sounds, texts, etc. without converting SWF file to FLA or Flex sources. If you need to make only small changes to a SWF, you don't have to convert SWF file back to its sources and edit it, you can simply make quick changes right in application.
  • Convert SWF files back to FLA or Flex project files. If you have lost original FLA or it got corrupted, SWF Decompiler will reverse your SWF project back to its sources in just couple of simple clicks.
  • Extract various elements of SWF file into separate files. If you need to use images or videos embedded in a SWF file, you can easily extract them and also sprites, texts, sounds and others into separate files saved on your hard drive.
SWF Decompiler

Decompile SWF

or convert SWF to FLA

Flash Decompiler Trillix literally takes any SWF file, decompiles it, showing you all of its inner structure. You are now one click away from obtaining the original source code of the particular Flash animation. Our software provides you with the most accurate Actionscripts.

Edit SWF files

or make changes in SWF

Substitute original texts, sounds, colors, etc. with your choices without the need to convert SWF into FLA. Or you can extract all of the elements the SWF consist of and place them in separate folders. The file format of the elements being extracted can be easily set according to your needs.

Extract SWF elements

or videos, images, sounds, etc.

SWF Decompiler enables you to extract SWF file elements – images, videos, text, audio – into separate folders on your hard drive. You can choose the format of files being saved: AVI, MPEG, FLV and FLA for Flash videos, WAV and MP3 for audio, PNG, JPEG and BMP for images; RTF, TXT and HTML for text.

I did try other products before using Flash Decompiler Trillix and chose Trillix because of the variety of things you could use it for. All the other programs were extremely limited.

Rohan Barar

Do you want to keep your flash files clean and working perfectly, ALWAYS? Then Eltima SWF Editor it's definitely the leading software for you.

Izzy La Boy
You can easily try SWF Decompiler free demo and preview the results immediately.