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How to Edit SWF file

SWF (ShockWave Flash) can be edited through the Flash Decompiler. To start editing you will need to open your Flash Decompiler, click on the Manage tab then "Add Task". You will notice that the "Add Task" window has an "Edit" option. Here is where you can begin to edit images, sounds, texts, links, or colors within your SWF file.
It's the easiest and the fastest way to edit SWF files cause you won't need to run Adobe Flash and convert your Flash movie to FLA source file.

Edit Images
Select any of the images that are on the My Tasks list. Once you've selected an image you will notice an "Image Properties" window in the lower left of your window. From here you can replace the image, set JPEG format, add transparency, remove transparency, or modify the quality of your image. You can edit your Flash movie; change its properties, etc.

Edit Sounds
Same as with images. Select a sound file and there will be a "Sound Properties" window in the lower left. You can change the format of the file, replace the sound, define sound quality , or set the mono/stereo reproduction. You will notice that both wav and mp3 formats are available.

Edit Links, Dynamic Texts, and Colors
Again, it all starts with making your selection and moving to the "edit" window to edit the item.

All of this can be done within the compiler without converting the SWF extension to FLA. The Flash editor functions are all very straight forward and allow you to edit SWF without having to go into the commands.

In this section Flash Decompiler is viewed as a SWF Editor, we have also created a SWF Decompiler HOW-TO Area, which will help you easily learn the basics of using our software.

You can easily Try SWF Editor Demo and preview the results immediately.