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Extract SWF objects from SWF file

Flash Decompiler Trillix becomes an irreplaceable tool in case you lost source files for your SWF project. It helps you restore your original FLA or Flex files from compiled SWF. Alternatively, there is an option to extract SWF file resources if you need only some of them this time. With Flash Decompiler Trillix you can extract such objects as texts, sounds, shapes, morphs, images, videos, sounds and scripts.

Note, that Flash Decompiler Trillix for Windows also offers SWF editing possibilities. If the changes you want to apply to your SWF file are minor and you don't want to modify the initial FLA, there is an easy solution! In Flash Decompiler Trillix you can easily modify already existing images, sounds, texts and links without SWF to FLA conversion at all.
More than that with SWF Extractor, you are able to:
Extract Flash movie elements. Flash Decompiler Trillix can become your essential SWF extractor after you try it first time. You can extract images from SWF into the following formats: JPG, PNG or BMP. Extract video from SWF file into: AVI, MPG and FLV. Texts can be extracted as HTML, TXT or RTF files. Scripts can be extracted as AS or TXT files.
Convert whole SWF into source FLA or Flex. Flash Decompiler is not only a Flash extractor, it's also a SWF to FLA converter. No matter if your source FLA or Flex files got corrupted or misplaced, you can restore your work in just a couple of clicks. So there is no need to redo the whole project from the scratch (especially if some essential elements are already gone) and spend a lot of time on it again.
Supports Flex, AS 3.0, Flash 10 & Flash CS5 (* The only new feature of Flash CS5 not yet supported is Text Layout Framework (TLF) texts).
Simplify editing process with Flash Decompiler. So Flash Decompiler can extract SWF elements and convert SWF file to its source project. But what else can it do for you to make your work with Flash files easier? It can help you make changes in SWF file even without SWF to source format conversion process. So if the changes you need to make are minor, use Flash Decompiler Trillix skills to replace images, texts, sounds and links in your SWF file.

In this section SWF Decompiler is viewed as a SWF Extractor, we have also created a SWF Decompiler HOW-TO Area, which will help you easily learn the basics of using our software.

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