How to:

Recover FLA file
with SWF Decompiler Trillix

Flash Decompiler Trillix is an essential FLA Recovery tool for those who need to restore original FLA from SWF file.
Lost the FLA file you were working on for ages or FLA got corrupted for an unknown reason? Think you have to redo all work from the scratch to make some minor changes in your SWF project? NO, you don't, if you have Flash Decompiler Trillix in hand. This is an essential tool that will help you recover FLA.

With SWF Decompiler for Windows, FLA recovery process will be just a piece of cake. Simply follow the instructions below to restore FLA from SWF.

Follow the steps given below to find out how to recover FLA file:
Download and launch SWF Decompiler Download Flash Decompiler Trillix right from this page and install it on your computer.
browse SWF file
Launch Flash Decompiler and browse for SWF file, you want to recover lost FLA source from, in "File explorer" panel. Alternatively, you can just drag your SWF to "My Tasks" panel.
Now switch to "Convert" tab (third from the left) and choose the path where resulting FLA will be stored.
You can leave it to Flash Decompiler to detect the FLA file version or you can choose it yourself by clicking the corresponding button.
All that left to do is click "Convert current" button or "Convert all" if you want several SWF files to be converted to their source FLA files at once.
If "Open file after conversion" checkbox was checked, then wait a little and the resulting FLA will be opened in Adobe Flash and you will be able to edit your source FLA there.
So now you know that it is not a problem to recover FLA from SWF file with Flash Decompiler Trillix in hand!
Thank you for downloading SWF Decompiler by Eltima!