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SWF to FLA Converter: Convert SWF to FLA with Flash Decompiler Trillix

SWF to FLA Converter

or how to convert SWF back
to its source FLA or Flex projects

You are welcome to download and test SWF to FLA Converter free trial version.
Mostly Adobe® Flash® Professional and Adobe Flex Builder™ are used to create SWF files. The source FLA or Flex files are created in these environments and after all necessary works they are compiled to SWF format. This means that when you need to make changes to SWF file you will need its source FLA or Flex project files and open them in Adobe® Flash® Professional or Adobe Flex Builder™ respectively, then edit them in there and publish back to SWF format.

But what if you lost original FLA or Flex files or they were corrupted, but the SWF needs changes? Or what if you paid for a banner for your website and Flash developer disappeared with source files? How to extract FLA out of SWF in this case?

Common solutions:
Develop the whole project from a scratch with Adobe® Flash® Professional or Adobe Flex Builder™
Disadvantages: Developing the whole project from scratch, especially when the animation is complex, takes a lot of effort and time. And you must be really into the Flash technology.
Order the development of the project to a specialist, who can recreate the source files having only resulting SWF in hand.
Disadvantages:This can be very expensive as professionals cost a lot.

The above solutions definitely don't combine fast speed and reasonable pricing for getting the source code of the SWF file you've got.

Solution by Eltima:

With Eltima Software you get reasonably priced and time-saving solution that allows converting SWF files into editable FLA or Flex project files! So in order to get the source files you only need Flash Decompiler Trillix by Eltima.

With the help of Flash Decompiler - an essential SWF to FLA Converter - you can extract the source FLA or Flex source files out of SWF and work with them in Adobe® Flash® or Adobe Flex Builder™.

You also have the possibility to:
Get the initial FLA or Flex files out of published SWF and work with them in native Flash or Flex environment
Edit SWF file elements, like images, sounds, texts, etc. without even converting the SWF to FLA or Flex sources
Work with the scripts of SWF file - view, copy, paste, search through them
Extract the elements of SWF file into separate files on the hard drive - images, videos, sounds, etc.

In this section SWF Decompiler is viewed as a SWF to FLA Converter, we have also created a SWF Decompiler HOW-TO Area, which will help you easily learn the basics of using our software.

You can easily Try SWF Decompiler Demo and preview the results immediately.
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